Silicone Super Wetter
SILICONE SUPER WETTER is a new generation surfactant based
on organomodified siloxane technology for use in pesticide spray
applications. It is a highly effective, non-ionic wetting agent/
spreader/penetrant which may be used on agricultural, aquatic,
forestry, turf and ornamental, industrial, structural and
non-cropland sites.

Product Features
• Manufactured by Monterey Resources

Directions for Use

COMPATIBILITY: SILICONE SUPER WETTER is compatible with most pesticides. However, if the desired combination has not been previously used, a compatibility test is recommended.

MIXING: Fill spray tank ¾ full of water and begin agitation. Add products as directed by label or in the following sequence and continue filling tank: (1) Dry flowables or dispersible granules, (2) Wettable powders, (3) Flowables, (4) Solutions, (5) Emulsifiable concentrates. Continue agitation until spray solution is completely mixed. Add SILICONE SUPER WETTER. Use according to the most restrictive label directions for each. Minimal agitation of finished spray is recommended.